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The school will open for students (4 years old – 13 years old) in September 2019

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About the School


The British International School of Timisoara is the first school with the British International curriculum established in the western part of  Romania. This is a cutting-edge project meant to introduce an innovative curriculum, vision and philosophy in the educational field at primary and secondary school levels in this part of Romania.

The British based educational system harmoniously combines a strong and balanced academic curriculum (languages, mathematics, sciences, technology, creative arts, humanities, social sciences, physical education) with extracurricular activities designed to help children develop emotionally, culturally, socially and spiritually.

All teaching will be carried out through the medium of the English Language apart from Romanian that will be taught as first language. The school will employ teachers from the United Kingdom alongside international teachers with relevant experience in similar schools from all over the world. All the teachers recruited locally will attend an intensive and comprehensive training programme, meant to provide them with all the necessary information and tools to enable them to embrace the educational approach promoted within our vision and aims.

Students joining our school are stepping into a world of dreams and opportunities which can grow proportionally with their desire, effort, determination and ambition; they will be able to graduate with a portfolio of achievements recognized by top universities worldwide, including Romania.

BIST aims to become a Cambridge and International Baccalaureate curriculum school and will be accredited by local and international agencies, including the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) which is the highest distinction for a school with a British curriculum outside the UK.

BIST will start in September 2019 and will enrol students with ages 4 – 13 years old (Reception – Year 9). We will have two sets per year group in the Primary School and one set per year group in the Secondary School. The school will develop gradually and will eventually have two sets per year group for all classes. We estimate that we can reach full capacity (600 students) for this location by 2021.

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School Location

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Why British International School of Timisoara?

  • Small class sizes (20 students per class with 1 to 10 teacher student ratio in Primary School) to support personalised learning
  • State of the art facilities and resources
  • Modern classrooms and special designed areas for specialised subjects
  • A safe, happy, caring and friendly environment
  • A student centred educational system and a modern teaching approach
  • British curriculum functioning under the auspices of Cambridge International Examination from the United Kingdom
  • All teaching will be carried out through the medium of English language
  • Romanian language will be part of the curriculum for natives and non – natives
  • Highly qualified teaching staff (recruited from the UK, internationally and locally)
  • International and national accreditations
  • High standards of personal development care with a focus on fostering students’ self-confidence
  • Highly engaging teaching and learning
  • Continuous open communication with parents and an open doors policy
  • Ongoing personalised academic and career paths guidance
  • Rigorous academic standards
  • The unique opportunity of graduating with a portfolio of achievements recognized by top universities worldwide

School Board

The School Board at The British International School of Timisora has an important role in setting the educational character and vision for the school.

The Board plans the strategic development of the schools, approves the annual budget, capital and investment strategy and procedures that will ensure the best possible education for the children studying at the BIST.

The School Board members are: Ovidiu Sandor – Founding Member, Sorin Maxim – Founding Member, Animona Hutu – Founding Member, Ciprian Tiplea – Founding Head of School, Alina Barna – Office Manager

Primary School

Dr Kate Brennan


Head of Primary School 

Kate is originally from Ontario, Canada. She has a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Primary Education. In addition, she has a master’s degree in Educational Administration. In 2018, Kate finished a 5-year Doctorate in Education at the University of Glasgow, focusing on making assessment meaningful in primary education.

Kate has been teaching overseas for the past 10 years, working with children ranging from two to twelve years old from many different countries and cultures. For the past 5 years, Kate has been working in leadership positions, ensuring schools are active, enjoyable and academically rigorous.

Kate strongly believes that quality education is paramount to success and that lifelong learning starts from childhood. Making children passionate about both personal achievement and creativity are key throughout primary years, and this comes from education that motivates, engages and supports pupils. Kate also believes that education involves volunteering and connecting to the community and looks forward to getting involved with the community of Timisoara.

In her personal life, Kate loves cooking, hiking, cycling and spending time with her husband and dog, Pip. She loves being outdoors and connected to nature. 

Ms Manuela Constantin

PGCE, BA, EYFS Certificate


Manuela is joining the British International School of Timisoara as a reception teacher and coordinator. Manuela graduated from university in Bucharest with a bachelor’s degree in Geography and has achieved a certificate in Early Years Education (EYFS) from the University of Roehampton, in London. She has been working in the international school sector with a British based curriculum for over twenty years, as an EYFS teacher and member of the management team. Before joining us at BIST, Manuela has been working as the EYFS stage coordinator and reception class teacher in a British international school in Bucharest. Prior to that, she was part of the management team in one of the first international nurseries with a British based curriculum in Romania.

Manuela loves travelling, reading and going to the cinema. She brings along her expertise wrapped in love and ready to nurture all of our young learners. 

Ms Claire Bithell


Key Stage 1

Claire is joining the British International School of Timisoara as a Key Stage 1 teacher. She graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a Bachelor of Arts honours degree in Creative Arts. She then went on to complete a PGCE in primary education at Cheltenham College. Claire has taught in a variety of schools over the last 25 years and has experience in working with children at all ages in primary school. For the past 9 years, Claire has worked in international British schools in Germany, being involved in teaching and management roles.

Claire has successfully led a variety of school initiatives for colleagues, parents and children, using and developing children’s love of the creative arts and writing. She has a passion for reading, writing, painting, photography and exploring new places. She is looking forward to sharing new experiences through the joy of learning with children at BIST. 

Ms Alina Zorina


Key Stage 1

Alina is joining the British International School of Timisoara as a Key Stage 1 teacher. She graduated from university with a degree in Primary Education and has a master’s degree in School Educational Management.

After 3 years of teaching in Ukraine, Alina has spent the past 5 years teaching within the international school sector working in South Korea and Kuwait as a Key Stage 1 Teacher. Alina is IB trained and has TESOL certificate. She brings with her to BIST her passion for education and working with children at young ages, a lot of energy, determination and the joy of being part of building a new educational concept in Timisoara.

Alina loves reading, origami and hiking.

Ms Natalie Oldfield


Key Stage 1

Natalie is joining the British International School of Timisoara as a Key Stage 1 teacher. Natalie grew up in the United Kingdom and Germany, where she attended the Bavarian International School. Natalie is a native speaker of both English and German language.

She studied Primary Education at the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom and has been working as a primary teacher in the Scottish education system since the completion of her degree.

Natalie is passionate about art and physical education. She has trained as a yoga instructor and has taught yoga at university. 

Ms Rachel Morgan


Lower Key Stage 2

Rachel is originally from the United Kingdom. She was born and raised in Bristol and has a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Exeter, United Kingdom. After graduating, she spent her first two years teaching in London. Rachel then went on to teach as a primary school teacher in the international school sector in Singapore.

It was during these 8 years that Rachel developed her skills in teaching children with English as an additional language.

Rachel is passionate about mathematics, believing that students learn through engaging, hands-on and real-life problem solving. She is also knowledgeable with the use of technology devices in the classroom; using digital learning platforms to personalise and supplement teaching and learning. 

Mr Karl Bartlett


Lower Key Stage 2

Karl is from Nottingham, United Kingdom and is joining the British International School of Timisoara as a Key Stage 2 teacher. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in History and Education Studies from the University of Bolton. He has also completed a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and other certificates in education and training. After graduating from university, Karl spent 2-years teaching in the UK.

Since 2012, he has worked in a variety of international schools (Bulgaria, Qatar and Egypt) and has taught the British National Curriculum (Key Stage 1 and 2) to a variety of ages in primary school.

Karl loves spending time walking and hiking with his family. He loves history and makes it his passion to learn about the cultural and social history of every country in which he has lived. Karl is looking forward to bringing his passion for, and knowledge of, the outdoors into his classroom at BIST. 

Ms Daniela Ene


Upper Key Stage 2

Daniela is in her 20th year of teaching and inspiring young minds. Daniela has qualified as a primary school teacher after graduating high school and continued her education by graduating university with a bachelor’s degrees in Law and Psychology. Following that, she has gained a master’s degree in Educational Psychology and School Counselling, in Bucharest.

Daniela has over 19 years of experience in the international school’s sector, having the opportunity to work in both the international British and international American schools’ systems. Over the years, she been able to expand into a multitude of areas in addition to working in the class, such as: after school activities, student mentoring, helping with winter and summer concerts, field trips, themed weeks and assemblies. Daniela has a passion for reading and she is a big promoter of a healthy lifestyle and the growth mindset approach in education and life in general. 

Mr Edward Bithell


Upper Key Stage 2

Edward is joining the British International School of Timisoara as a Key Stage 2 teacher. He graduated with an Honours Degree in Biology and followed this with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Birmingham City University. Edward then spent eleven years teaching in schools both in Birmingham and in Devon, United Kingdom. During this time, he was subject leader for mathematics, science and design technology, as well as Key Stage 2 leader.

Subsequent to this, he was employed as a specialist teacher for a local authority working with children with complex needs who were unable to attend mainstream school. He then moved to teach at international schools within the British military community in Germany, where he has worked successfully for the past nine years. During this time, he has taught across the entire 5-11 age range, and has been subject leader for science and geography. He has also undertaken forest school training and has successfully implemented this at his school. Edward is passionate about using the outdoors to inspire learning with the children he works with.

Mr Benjamin Shorten


Upper Key Stage 2

Benjamin is joining the British International School of Timisoara as a Key Stage 2 teacher. Benjamin grew up in Mallorca, Spain, where he attended Queen’s College International School. He is a native English and Spanish speaker, who spent five years teaching sports in English to Spanish native children.

He studied Primary Education at the University of Dundee, in the United Kingdom and has been teaching in Scotland since receiving his degree.

Benjamin is an enthusiastic rugby and football player, with a passion for physical education and a love for mathematics. 

Ms Joanne Gogelescu


Upper Key Stage 2

Joanne is originally from the United Kingdom. She grew up in Nottinghamshire, but has also lived and worked in Romania, Australia, Nigeria, Kenya and the Netherlands. Joanne obtained her bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies and later obtained a Post Graduate Certificate and a master’s degree in Education from the University of Nottingham.

Joanne’s first experience of teaching was in Cluj-Napoca where she met her Romanian husband. Before coming to the British International School of Timisoara, Joanne held many different responsibility posts in the United Kingdom and internationally and taught a range of age groups.

Joanne is passionate about pedagogy and likes to inspire students to develop their thinking skills and creativity and think about how they can contribute to their local and global communities through service. 

Ms Maria Martin


Upper Key Stage 2

Maria obtained her bachelor’s degree in Primary Education at the University of Granada in Spain. She started her teaching career in the United Kingdom, where she lived for twelve years. In 2011, she moved to Spain and taught KS2, following the British Council and Spanish Ministry of Education bilingual curriculum.

Before coming to the British International School of Timisoara, Maria taught in an independent school in the Bahamas whilst gaining her Master’s in Education and Information Computer Technology. She loves working with young learners and is passionate about empowering them to become confident and successful individuals. She integrates digital technology into the classroom to enhance learning and provide meaningful learning opportunities.

Outside her teaching life, she likes volunteering, running, diving and exploring the outdoors. 

Secondary School

Mr Paul Jennings


Head of Secondary School / English and Drama

Paul is joining the British International School of Timisoara as the Head of Secondary School. He graduated with an Honours Degree in English Literature from Sheffield University and followed this with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in English and Drama. Paul has extensive experience working at independent schools in the United Kingdom as housemaster, pastoral roles and management roles. He taught in Kent, Hertfordshire and at a rural boarding school in Gloucestershire and, before landing in Romania, he taught in Switzerland.

Paul believes that education is paramount in ensuring a student’s future success: integrity, consistency, respect and a sense of curiosity will be at the heart of BIST’s new generation of life-long learners.

BIST is a new venture and he believes that BIST’s first students have a fantastic opportunity to be participating in this adventure from day one. He believes that they will leave the secondary school in the years ahead not only with excellent examination results but, much more importantly, with a sense of having been on a journey of exploration and discovery.

In his personal life, Paul loves cooking, hiking, cycling, world cinema, reading and supporting Manchester United through thick and thin.

Mr Kurt Funkenhauser


Geography, English, Physical Education

Kurt is from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He holds an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, along with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Strathclyde. Kurt has been teaching in many different parts of the world over the past ten years, most notably, Spain and Malaysia. He has experience teaching across the humanities subjects, as well as English and Physical Education. He enjoys working with students outside the classroom by coaching sports and organising voluntary service programs.

Kurt is looking forward to his time in Romania and cannot wait to explore Timisoara and the surrounding countryside. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf, cycling, and hiking with his wife and dog, Pip. 

Ms Milica Ergic


History, PSHEE, English Second Language

Milica has graduated from the University of Philology, Department of English Language and Literature and earned her master’s degree from the University of Belgrade. During her studies, she was involved in teaching at primary and secondary schools as a part of her education courses and that’s when she discovered her passion for teaching.

Before joining our school, Milica spent the last five years teaching in the international school sector in Malta where she has gained experience in working within the international curriculum. She has worked with secondary school students teaching geography, history, literature and technology.

Milica enjoys delivering lessons that are creative, dynamic and she thinks it is important to give students freedom to express themselves. 

Ms Diana Stanica


Mathematics, Information Technology

Diana is joining the British International School of Timisoara as a mathematics and computer science teacher. Diana graduated with a Degree in Mathematics and Computing Science from the West University of Timisoara. After graduation she has spent four years teaching mathematics in secondary schools in Romania and then decided to try the British school system.

Diana moved to England to teach mathematics to secondary school students in a multicultural school in Dagenham. For the past five years Diana has been working within the British school sector, teaching children from 11 to 16 years old. She has experience with preparing students for the IGCSE exams and has been successful in assuring very good exam results for her students.

Diana is passionate about reading, logical games and gardening. 

Dr Silviu Nastase


Combined Science

Silviu is joining the British International School of Timisoara as a teacher of science with responsibilities in the areas of examination and timetabling. Before coming to our school, he worked for an international British school in Bucharest where he taught science at Key Stages 3,4 & 5 and held the positions of timetable officer and examination officer, respectively.

He has obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Chemistry at the University of Bucharest and he continued his PhD studies at the same institution. As a researcher at both University of Bucharest and Politehnica University of Bucharest, he has published numerous scientific articles in international journals, has been involved in several international projects along with grants to study abroad at the Universität Karlsruhe (Germany), the University of Manchester (UK), and the University of Pavia (Italy). Silviu loves reading and enjoys cycling and one of his major passion is photography. 

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