The Year 8 BIST students made it their mission to give recycling materials a whole new purpose. They gathered plastic water bottles, paint buckets, textile string, flower pots, cardboard boxes and recycled paper and transformed them into musical instruments. Bongos from flower pots, Maracas from plastic water bottles and Congas from paint buckets soon became their favourite percussion instruments. After finalising the instruments, the students gave them more personality by painting them in different colours and patterns.

All the percussion instruments that were manufactured with a lot of enthusiasm and creativity by the students were used to accompany their musical creation. With support from their music teacher, Mihai Bizgan, students wrote the lyrics and put together the structure of an original composition called “We protect the nature”. The whole experience concluded with the performance of their creation. We hope you enjoy the result of their work, they definitely enjoyed being a part of it!

The video was sent to COBIS and results of the Eco Film Awards competition will be announced in April 2020.