STEAM week was a special event for the Primary school at BIST. It was a week where children learned things in a slightly more ‘hands-on’ kind of way. But what does STEAM actually stand for?

S – Science

T – Technology

E – English

A – Art

M – Maths

A mixture of the core subjects and challenges all students need to attempt to understand and engage with throughout a school career.

This week was an opportunity for children to try something different. The subject was FOOD, which students found very appealing! For the start of the week, the teachers did a colour experiment with substances and quite a big explosion that caught the students’ attention. And that was just the beginning because this particular week was even more challenging because many discovered certain art skills that they didn’t know they even had, cooked a delicious salad, and participated in fun games. 

Students realised that learning is not so difficult and it’s actually pleasant.  They can’t wait for another STEAM week where they can have a lot of fun while learning!