School Fees

Enrolment fees (securing a place in school)

Registration fee – 250 Euro 

  • it is paid before signing the contract, while submitting the signed enrolment form; it is a one-off payment and it covers the costs for processing the documents and the administrative costs part of the admission process;
  • the fee is refunded if the admission file is not eligible.

Enrolment deposit – 1500 Euro 

  • represents the reservation of the place in the school and is paid upon signing the contract after the admission process in the BIST;
  • the enrolment deposit is deducted from the annual school fee.

Annual school fees 2019-2020 

Annual school fees Full  day Half day
Reception stage 6000 Euro 4000 Euro
Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2) 6500 Euro  
Key Stage 2 (Year 3 – 6) 7000 Euro  
Key Stage 3 (Year 7 – 9) 7500 Euro  
Key Stage 4 (Year 10 – 11) 8000 Euro  
Key Stage 5 (Year 12 – 13) 8500 Euro  

The school fee includes:

  • School programme offered during the school year as stated in the school calendar and the academic timetable from Monday to Friday between 8.30 – 16.00
  • Educational material including text books, note books and all other materials needed in the classroom
  • Examination fees payable to UK examination board (Cambridge) for Years 6 (these fees are for guidance purpose only and can be modified by the UK examination board) for English and Maths (about 17 Euro/subject)
  • Full access to all school facilities during the school hours and during the school academic year
  • School clubs during the school day
  • Two local educational trips a year of maximum 1 day

The school fee does not include:

  • School uniform must be acquired from the school before the school year starts; the cost will be negotiated with the providers and will be communicated to parents (wearing the school uniform is compulsory as specified in the school policies and procedures)
  • School lunch – the cost will be negotiated with the providers and will be communicated to parents
  • After school clubs running between 16.30 – 18.00 (optional)
  • Trips and camps (optional)
  • Transportation (optional).
  • Examination fees payable to UK examination board (Cambridge) for Years 9, 11 and 13 (these fees are for guidance purpose only and can be modified by the UK examination board) as stated below:
    • End of Year 9 – English, Maths and Science – 25 Euro/subject
    • End of Year 11 – all subjects studied – 65 Euro/subject
    •  End of Year 13 – all subjects studied – 100 Euro/subject


  • Discounts apply only for students enrolled for a full school year and are offered as long as the school fees are paid with no delays as agreed in the contract
  • A 3% discount is offered for full-payment of the one year’s fee within 15 days from the signing date of the contract
  • A 5% discount from the cumulated school fee is offered for more brothers / sisters registered in the school.

Admission Procedure


British International School of Timisoara operates on an admission system designed to ensure that all applications throughout the year are given equal treatment regardless of the children’s gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, culture, or religious beliefs. However, our admission process is also meant to ensure that the education system we promote, and deliver is the best suitable option for your child. 

The usual points of entry in the Primary School are:

  • 4+ years old – Reception
  • 5+ years old – Year 1
  • 6+ years old – Year 2
  • 7+ years old – Year 3
  • 8+ years old – Year 4
  • 9+ years old – Year 5
  • 10+ years old – Year 6

The usual points of entry in the Secondary School are:

  • 11+ years old – Year 7
  • 12+ years old – Year 8
  • 13+ years old – Year 9
  • 14+ years old – Year 10
Download Admission Folder (pdf)

For any clarification about the admission process and the school, please contact our admission team at

Admission Procedure – Steps

  • 1. Parents are contacting the school Admissions Officer at or by phone at 0799 408 341
  • 2. At the first meeting in school, parents will be provided with the Admission Folder (also available on the website and at the school office); during the first meeting the parents will also see the school and will find out basic information about the school
  • 3. Parents fill in the Enrolment Form (Appendix 5), return it to the school and pay the registration fee within 2 days after they collected the Admission Folder
  • 4. A trial day in school is required in order to give the child the opportunity to meet the teachers, feel the school environment; this is also important for the school to evaluate the child’s level in English, general behaviour and interaction with colleagues and teachers in the school
  • 5. Parents provide the school will all the documents required about the child (see Appendix 5) within 5 working days
  • 6. Assessments in English and Mathematics will take place for all students applying for Year 3 to Year 9
  • 7. A meeting with the relevant Head of School will take place as soon as the Admission Folder is complete
  • 8. Provided the folder is complete, the school will assess the documentation within the announced deadline (ideally up to two weeks)
  • 9. Providing that the admission is eligible, the parents are invited to the school to sign the School-Parent Contract, Appendices 1-4, Appendix 6 and pay the enrolment deposit, within the deadline determined by the school.

Assuming that all documentation is provided in the given timeline and all steps are followed as above, the admission process can take up to two weeks. This can slightly change (+ or – 5 days), depending on the number of applications at a given time. 

Folder evaluation will be done based on:

  • Academic abilities and potential
  • Work ethic and attitude towards school
  • General behaviour and attitude towards a structured learning environment
  • Compatibility with the school ethos, philosophy and values
  • Level of English Language and Mathematics for students applying for Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6) and Secondary School 

English Language 

The level of English Language is not a selection method for students applying for Reception and Key Stage 1. However, we encourage all parents interested in joining the school to ensure that children will be given the opportunity to improve their English Language, as this will bring huge benefits to the child’s adjustment to the school and he/she will be able to access fully the curriculum. 

When does the school starts?

  • First day of school for academic year 2019 – 2020 is September 9 th , 2019


School academic year 2019 – 2020

Autumn Term 2019-20 (term 1)

Spring Term 2019-20 (term 2)

Summer Term 2019-20 (term 3)

School hours

Primary School

Secondary School

Download PDF school calendar

School Uniform

A school uniform is compulsory at BIST and it plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of the school and setting an appropriate tone. The school uniform can help to instil pride, support positive behaviour and ensure pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome and protected from social pressure to dress in a particular way. The school uniform can nurture cohesion and promote good relations between groups of pupils.

The school uniform policy is available in the School Policies section on the website.

Order School Uniform

BIST Scholarship Programme

The British International School of Timisoara (“BIST”) Scholarship Programme for 2020 – 2021 will open in January 2020.
BIST is committed to broadening access to international education by offering full or partial scholarships to gifted and talented students.
Scholarships will be offered following a review of the student’s past academic success (including references from the current school), an interview with the student and parents, and the student completing a school entrance evaluation.

The application file must include:

  • Application Form;
  • Cover Letter;
  • Information Note on personal data processing within the Academic Scholarship Programme;
  • Copy of birth certificate;
  • Most recent school reports;
  • Any other relevant documents that might support the application;
  • Documents concerning the financial status of the family.

The application form (1), cover letter (2), information note (3) and scholarship policy are available and can be downloaded here. 



Where is the school’s campus located?

The campus will be developed around a former Royal High School, between Calea Aradului and Calea Sever Bocu.

What age groups may attend the school?

The school will open in September 2019, and will have primary and secondary school classes, with two groups of 20 children per school year at primary school, and a group of 20 children per school year at secondary school. You can find more information on the school’s website in the Curriculum section.

When does the registration period begin? What are the fees?

The registration procedure and fees are displayed in separate sections on the school’s website. The pre-registration campaign started in April 2018, based on pre-registration forms.

Starting 15 October 2018, the Admission Folder can also be found at: Isho Offices, str. Take Ionescu 46B, Timisoara.

Which curriculum does the school follow?

The British International School of Timisoara is an international school which follows the curriculum used in the UK. Teaching will be done in English, except for the Romanian classes.

The school curriculum and all the formal exams taken by students at certain stages will bear the Cambridge logo. The academic qualifications obtained by passing Cambridge exams are recognised internationally and facilitate the admission to the world’s top universities.

Which are the school’s accreditations?

We started the international accreditation process this summer with the Council of British International Schools (COBIS), therefore at the moment we are listed as a COBIS Applicant Member. Also, we took the necessary steps to apply with the Cambridge Assessment International Education, following which the school will be recognised by ARACIP based on the COBIS international accreditation.

What teachers do you employ?

The academic team will be made up of native teachers (or international teachers with experience in similar schools), as well as local teachers who will benefit from a series of professional development sessions.

Will there be admission tests to the British International School of Timisoara?

Yes, students registering in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 (ages 11-13 on 01.09.2019) will have to take general English and Mathematics tests.

These tests are necessary to evaluate the students’ general English and Mathematics knowledge, because at the end of Year 9 they will take their first formal Cambridge exams, i.e. Cambridge Checkpoint for English, Mathematics and Science.

What subjects are mandatory/optional?

Reception Stage (4 years old) – subject that will cover seven development areas: Literacy, Numeracy, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design, Personal and Social Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language;

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 (5 – 10 years old) – all children follow the same curriculum: English, Mathematics, Cross Curricular (Science, History, Geography, Art), Computer Science, Music, Physical Education, Romanian, PSHEE, but starting with Year 3 (7 years old) they have to choose a foreign language (French / German / Spanish);

Key Stage 3 (11 – 13 years old) – all children follow the same curriculum: English, Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, History, Geography, Drama, Art, Music, Physical Education, Romanian, PSHEE, and have to choose a foreign language (French / German / Spanish);

Key Stage 4 (14 – 16 years old) – the following subjects are mandatory: English, Mathematics and Science (+ Physical Education and PSHEE); in addition, students have to choose four optional subjects from the following: Computer Science, History, Geography, Business Studies, Economics, Music, Art, Drama, German, Spanish, Romanian.

PSHEE = Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education

Key Stage 5 (17 – 18 years old) – The International Baccalaureate (IB) platform will be adopted.

Is English a criterion for admission?

Primary cycle
English is not a selection criterion for the primary cycle. However, you should consider improving the child’s English language level in the next period if you want to choose this educational system. The school has a support program for those who need help (EAL – English Additional Language), but the better the child masters the English language, the sooner can he or she integrate and access the entire curriculum.

Secondary cycle
Students registering in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 (11-13 years old on 01.09.2019) will have to take general English and Mathematics tests. These tests are necessary to evaluate the students’ general English and Mathematics knowledge, because at the end of Year 9 they will take their first formal Cambridge exams, i.e. Cambridge Checkpoint for English, Mathematics and Science. Evaluations for those wishing to register in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 will be held in November 2018; exact dates will be announced on the website soon.

How does the school day run?

All students are expected to attend school from 8:30 to 16:00, plus the optional club (afterschool) from 16:10 to 18:00.

Does the school provide Cambridge courses outside of the school curriculum?

In the future, we may provide support for students who can take Cambridge exams (and are not enrolled in our school because we have not opened those years yet) – alternatives and opportunities will be published in the next period.

Do you plan on providing scholarships to children who know English and have special skills?

Merit scholarships are a possibility, and we intend to discuss this topic in the near future. Follow our online activity and you will surely find information on this topic on the school’s website.

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