Our Vision

We Provide the Foundation on Which Our Children Can Flourish
Inspiring our students to Learn and Live with Purpose

Our Mission

Building a community of learners where students are given a plethora of meaningful opportunities to Learn, Experience, Grow, Succeed and Excel in all areas of their academic and personal development


 We Think, We Explore and We Learn
We Listen, We Respect and We Care
We Speak Up, We Participate and We Strive


  • Students – We will place at the centre of all our decisions and activities children’s well-being, needs and learning. We will do our very best to support our students with their emotional, social, cultural and academic development;

  • Environment – We will provide an environment, which is nurturing, stimulating, positive, healthy and safe for all children, meant to ensure childrens’ curiosity and desire to learn new things are mantained and increased;

  • Curriculum – We will implement an internationally recognised curriculum, which is broad, balanced, competitive, stimulating and flexible;

  • Pastoral Care – We will put in place a pastoral care system which will ensure all children are supported and valued;

  • Approach – We will have a modern, positive, engaging and stimulating approach, meant to give our children the confidence to express themselves without the fear of making mistakes;

  • Enrichment – We will enhance our students’ learning by encouraging and supporting their participation in a wide variety of extracurricular activities;

  • Relationships – We will learn to live and work individually and together, cultivating strong caring relationships between students, staff and parents;

  • Communication – We will do our best to teach our students to interact and communicate effectively with multiple audiences in more than one language and through a variety of modes;

  • Service – We will engage our students in meaningful community service projects, which will lead to reflection and personal growth and will show them how they can take an active role in making their world a better place;

  • Improvement – We will support a process of continual improvement in our school. We will do our very best to ensure students understand that growth and progress can only happen when you are reflective, work hard and always look for ways to improve;

  • School / parents’ partnership – We will develop a strong partnership with our parents.


Education in society

We live in a world of constant and rapid change. As a society, we are facing challenges at a social, economic, environmental and political level. More importantly, we live in a world where education is one of the most important factors in finding solutions to the challenges ahead. How we raise and educate our children may be the single most important factor in the development of our planet.

Education in schools

A healthy and a prosperous society can only be built on a foundation offered by a strong and efficient educational system. From this perspective, the school plays a fundamental role in the development of our children and the consolidation and the perpetuation of strong values and principles which will define us.

Great schools understand that their role goes way beyond the process of delivering curriculum information and evaluation of knowledge; they understand that equipping students with skills and abilities for life is equally important.

Students centred schools

All children are born with a tremendous potential for development. Their curiosity and desire to learn new things every day is natural; children start school with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds, and keen desire to take risks. It is up to us to maintain and develop their talents and unlock their potential through everything we do in the school.

Values and principles

For an educational establishment to be successful in achieving its goals, it must be founded, built, and run on fundamental values like: respect, tolerance, integrity and honesty.

For a school to be successful it must promote a culture of imagination, of creativity and innovation. These features provide a strong foundation on which our teachers and children can explore, discover, learn, experiment and grow.

Teachers are the best resource of any school

At BIST we understand that a school is as good as the sum of all its components. Great teachers are at the heart of great schools. Although a rich and rewarding task, educating students caries a huge responsibility; we are after all in the field of building characters and shaping the future of our world.

Opportunities for life

All the students studying at British International School of Timisoara will be faced with vast opportunities to develop and to start connecting with the world at international level.

Students joining our school will be stepping into a world of dreams and opportunities which can grow proportionally with their desire, effort, determination and ambition.

School – parents’ partnership

Education starts at home in the family. The involvement of parents and a positive, constructive parent – school partnership is vital for a child’s education and development. It is fundamentally important that the school and the parents work together and have similar approaches when it comes to implementing our values and our educational programmes.