If you suspect your child might have coronavirus or he/she might have been in contact with somebody that tested positive to COVID-19 please call us immediately at +40 726 707 302 so that we can take all the necessary precautionary health and safety measures. The phone number is open 24 hours, 7 days and will be operated by a Senior Management Team member.

During regular school hours the usual contact channels can be used as well, however, after 4 PM and during weekends all COVID-19 related issues should only be communicated via the aforementioned hotline.

Operating during COVID-19
Key Measures and Actions for COVID-19 Prevention and Control at BIST

(based on the guidelines from the Government)

These measures can help keep students, teachers, and staff stay safe at school and prevent the spread of this disease.

Possible Scenarios – based on recommendations from the Government

  • Scenario 1 – school is open to all students for physical attendance (infection rate is below 6 to 1000 people in the city)
  • Scenario 2 – school goes online for all students (infection rate is above 6 to 1000 people in the city) with the exception of the Reception and Year 1 groups, which can attend school physically; in case of a lockdown all students will attend lessons online

    General Principle

    For the safety of all members of our community the Health and Safety procedures will be very strict and implemented rigorously.

    Working with Local Authorities

    The school will stay in close contact with local authorities (DSP) for guidance and updates and will act accordingly.

    Dissemination of Information

  • Parents will be sent the Health and Safety procedures and will be kept up to date with any changes;
  • Children will be given clear and specific instructions in school about all Health and Safety

    procedures and implications (at the beginning of school year);

  • The Health and Safety rules will be reinforced during the school weeks and using various specific activities during the school year;
  • Posters containing relevant age specific information will be displayed in the classrooms and other shared areas;


    Shared responsibility School

  • It is the school’s responsibility to ensure it tries its best to ensure an effective prevention of the spread of the virus, by designing, implementing and reinforcing all the relevant Health and Safety measures;
  • BIST is committed to stay ahead of the curve by keeping itself updated in relation to the most recent developments in this area;
  • School Leadership Team will monitor the effectiveness of the policies and amend these as necessary;
  • First point of contact for Primary School students will be their class teacher, whilst in the Secondary School will be their Form Tutor;
  • In addition, the school’s members of staff designated to support children and act as first point of contact are the school nurse, Andreea Hepes (for all medical matters) and the SENCo./School Counsellor, Monica Kovats (for emotional support);
  • Staff on duty rotas on the school campus will constantly remind students about the distancing regulations they need to are adhere to.



  • It is in all of our best interest to act collaboratively to ensure we stay healthy; parents must reinforce the Health and Safety rules and practice these at home with their children;
  • It is incumbent upon parents to inform the school immediately in case of any concerns with regards to them or their children’s health situation;
  • It is crucial that parents adhere to the ‘drop-off’ and ‘pick-up’ time to avoid crowded situations;

In line with the school Health and Safety policy, parents must:

    • Ensure they monitor the general health of their children;
    • In case of minor symptoms that might raise concerns, parents must not send their children to school; parents must monitor the child’s condition over one day and contact the family doctor for competent advice.


  • Will adhere to school policies and will follow teachers advise at all time;
  • Will be reminded and made aware of the fact that although they may get infected with no

    symptoms, they can transmit the virus to family members (who may be more vulnerable).

    People at Risk

  • People suffering from pre-existing conditions should take additional Health and Safety measures in order to protect themselves; it is recommended for them to wear FFP2/N95 type masks and protection glasses or a regular mask and a plastic visor;
  • The school will address on individual basis students and staff in order to assess their health condition and take necessary action; this will be addressed on individually basis and in extreme condition this may result in that particular person being advised to self-isolate at home and seek further medical advice;
  • Students/staff members detected with symptoms during the school day will immediately be sent to the school nurse for evaluation;
  • In case where families have knowledge of members (close relatives, etc) which have pre-existing condition and interact on regular basis with the children, parents must take the necessary actions to avoid their exposure to the risk associated with COVID-19. Parents must keep the school informed of developments at all times.

Additional Health and Safety Measures Implemented at BIST


  • Information Dissemination: for students, teachers and parents (including guidelines, instructions, posters in visible areas);
  • COVID tests: all staff members will be tested at the begging of academic year; also, regular testing will happen during the academic year;
  • Masks: all members of the school community must wear masks at all time when indoors; wearing the school masks outdoors is a recommendation, but not compulsory;
      • The mask must be worn by students, teachers and parents (outside included) at the beginning of the day (at arrival time) and end of the day (departure time)
      • Members of staff – masks provided by the school;
        o Students – bring their own masks (available in school as well); it is advisable for parents to provide their children with a pack of masks for the week to ensure they have access to enough clean masks through the week; masks need to be labelled with a student’s name and will be held securely by the class teacher (PS) or form teacher (SS). We recommend packs of at least 20 masks. It is necessary for the masks to be age suitable and cover the face properly;
      • Students in Reception do not need to wear a mask.
  • Temperature Check: all members of the school community must have their temperature checked before entering the premises;
  • Access to school: parents/Guardians/Drivers/Caregivers are not allowed to enter the school premises unless an appointment have been confirmed by the Head of School and/or his designee;
  • Hygiene: we will enforce regular hand washing with safe water and soap, hand sanitizer (i.e. handwashing stations: place hand sanitizers in toilets, classrooms, corridors, staffrooms, admin area and near exits where possible). Hands should be disinfected each time the masks are being put on or replaced. Used masks should be disposed into the specially designated bins;
      • Hand sanitisers – will be available in various areas in school, including main entrances, key areas in the park, classrooms, labs and PE hall.
  • Arrival and Departure – staggering the beginning and end of the school day (separate arrival/departure time for primary and secondary school students).


Use of the School Facilities

  • Cleaning and disinfection schedule – a cleaning schedule will be implemented and this will include:
    • Disinfection: daily disinfection and cleaning of school surfaces (i.e. iPads, keyboards, photocopying machines, coffee machine, refrigerator, railings, lunch tables, sports equipment, door and window handles, toys, teaching and learning aids etc.);  can be used by staff members only after they have disinfected their hands
  • Waste Management; we will provide special bins for disposal of used masks;
  • Air Ventilation; we will increase the airflow and ventilation (open windows etc.). The A/C units will be checked regularly and the filters will be replaced as necessary;
      • Classroom windows: at least two windows will be wide open during the day for proper air ventilation;
      • Classroom doors should be kept open as much as possible;
  • One-way circulation; separate access points for primary and secondary school students; one-way circulation in school/distance limiters;
  • Classrooms Set up and Use: physical distance is ensured as much as possible in each classroom;
  • Classroom Furniture items (other than chairs and desks) will be removed where possible to create more space and facilitate the required physical distance; cupboards and shelves will be placed in the atrium and large corridors close to the classrooms for teachers to use;
    • certain classrooms will be equipped with special UV lamps that can be safely used at all times
  • Water: parents must supply one or two individual water bottles for their children;
  • PE lessons will happen outside as much as possible; indoor PE lessons will only happen with the recommended prevention measures in place; as per government regulations, the students are allowed to take part in lessons without having to wear masks as long as the rate of incidence in the region doesn’t exceed 2/1000;
  • Music Lessons: singing exercises generate droplets that can spread the virus. It is advised that such activities take place outdoor only and masks should be worn at all times
    • Designated room: will be available for students who do not feel well until parents pick them up for further medical investigation
    • Toilets: They will be disinfected regularly (every 4 hours)

      Social Distancing

    • Staggered arrival and departure to avoid crowded conditions;

    • Controlled flows of students in the corridors (including controlled dismissal from lessons);

    • Using space outside as organised by the school to avoid contact with other peers and crowded situations;

      Additional Note (Online Learning – Students at risk)

      • The online learning option will be made available to students where there in a COVID-related situation that has been certified by a local Medical Doctor;

      The content of this document is non-negotiable, but it can change based on the Government recommendations. For the safety of our community all parents and students must fully adhere to this. Students who do not follow the rules and teachers’ instructions will be sent home. In case of a repetitive misbehaviour the school reserves the right to take further measures.

      The British International School of Timisoara will entirely adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in the joint circular from Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Health (No. 5.196 and 1.756/3.09.2021)

      SLT / September 2021