The prefect system at the British International School of Timisoara is part of the overall programme that develops leadership and responsibility. 

Prefects are expected to establish and maintain the highest standards of behaviour, attitude and appearance at all times and provide a positive role model for other pupils.  They are appointed each year to undertake various roles and responsibilities around the School.

Prefects will exhibit the personal qualities that are valued at BIST, including self-discipline, leadership skills, communication skills, public speaking, politeness, helpfulness, respect and care for others.  They are reliable and responsible members of the School’s community.

Student Council


The aim of the School Council is to provide an opportunity for students to contribute to the development and organisation of the school, to address student interests and concerns, and to foster the development of leadership skills. The Student Council is an opportunity for representative pupils of each year group to voice their ideas, suggestions, and comments on behalf of the student body with regard to how their learning and recreational activities could be carried out.

The School Council promotes a strong relationship between fellow pupils and members of staff. It is an integral part of developing the school and bridging the gap between what students and staff would like to see being achieved and taking place within the school. It also gives students the opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills as they communicate, debate, and negotiate their suggestions.

BIST is always growing and improving and can only continue to do so with the input, feedback and support of students and parents. For this reason, the school sees the Student Council as playing a vital role in building mutual understanding and respect within the school community, not only academically but also socially. The School Council meets at least once every month to discuss areas of concern, to brainstorm ideas for school improvement, and to propose and discuss upcoming events both within the school and within the local community. Items discussed in Student Council meetings may then be placed on the agenda for Middle Management or Senior Leadership Meetings. In many areas the Student Council will work with the School Prefects to implement the changes or plans discussed.

The School Council makes a positive contribution to the school community in several ways:

  • It gives students to share their ideas and opinions with the School Leadership Team
  • It offers a forum for students to discuss and resolve difficulties or problems related to school life
  • It supports the Prefects in implementing whole school events
  • It enables teachers and pupils to work together in a formal framework

The School Council intends to involve young people in the life of their school. BIST wishes to reform change to ‘challenge’ the traditional way of regarding pupils as passive learners by ensuring that students make use of their talents and abilities and that they are encouraged to express constructive views for the benefit of their community. Meeting agendas are open to any student within the school who wishes to raise an issue that is relevant to the whole school or a particular course or subject area. The student should raise their issue with one of the School Council representatives, who will then raise it in the School Council. Suggestions for topics of discussion can be left in the Student Council boxes at the entrance to the Primary and Secondary School buildings.