The second edition of House Games at the British International School of Timisoara was one of the biggest successes in the school’s early history.

British School of Timisoara selected a lot of students from both the primary and secondary school to represent the sports teams.  Mr. Cosmin, the PE secondary school teacher, and Miss Fabiana, the primary school PE teacher, organized teams for basketball, football, table tennis and badminton. The teams were organized by year groups and by key stages. The students made the teams according to their talent and abilities. The House Games did not just consist of only sports competitions, but also Kahoot with the following topics: Geography, Science and English all hosted by Mr. Jennings and Ms. Kristina, Miss Milica and Mr. Nastase. Ms. Milica told students that it would be really fun if we would organize these Kahoot games, so the teachers tried to find the easiest way to play it online all at the same time in our lunch hall. 

BIST in collaboration with the leaders of each house (Lupus, Ursa and Aquila) will organize new house games after this lockdown for all the sports previously mentioned. The most important thing is that each house will not be represented in the competitions by the most athletic students, but also ones who are trying to learn new sports and participate and created many memorable experiences at school. 

The last games were held on 21st of February, which was also the Romanian Culture Day. The event was quite epic and all the students were very happy and enthusiastic to participate in the challenging but entertaining obstacle course. There were not only sports games, but also some very interesting general knowledge questions about Romanian Culture.

It was very important for both teachers and students because we all got to know each other better and we saw what each of us is capable of. It was a great event that definitely made the BIST community stronger. 

The leaderboard for the House Points are presented here:

 1st  place: Ursa  – 3187 points

 2nd place: Lupus – 3017 points

 3rd place: Aquila – 2380 points

These are not the final scores and there will be more activities from which houses can earn lots of praise points and bring their team to the top.