Events & Projects

STEAM Week, Mar 2020

STEAM week was a special event for the Primary school at BIST. It was a week where children learned things in a slightly more ‘hands-on’ kind of way. But what does STEAM actually stand for?

S – Science

T – Technology

E – English

A – Art

M – Maths

A mixture of the core subjects and challenges all students need to attempt to understand and engage with throughout a school career.

This week was an opportunity for children to try something different. The subject was FOOD, which students found very appealing! For the start of the week, the teachers did a colour experiment with substances and quite a big explosion that caught the students’ attention. And that was just the beginning because this particular week was even more challenging because many discovered certain art skills that they didn’t know they even had, cooked a delicious salad, and participated in fun games. 

Students realised that learning is not so difficult and it’s actually pleasant.  They can’t wait for another STEAM week where they can have a lot of fun while learning!

COBIS Eco Film Awards

Elevii din anul 8 au făcut o misiune din a oferi materialelor reciclabile din campusul BIST un nou scop. Au adunat sticle de plastic, găleți de vopsea, resturi de sfoară, ghivece de flori, carton și hârtie și le-au transformat în instrumente muzicale.Bongos din ghivece, Maracas din sticle de plastic, Congas din găleți de vopsea au devenit instrumentele de percuție preferate. După finalizarea construcției instrumentelor elevii le-au oferit mai multă personalitate prin culori și texturi aplicate. Instrumentele de percuție, construite cu mult entuziasm și creativitate de către elevi, au fost folosite pentru a acompania creația lor muzicală. Împreună cu profesorul de muzică, Mihai Bizgan, copiii au compus versurile și linia melodică pentru piesa "Protejăm natura" și au interpretat-o în atelierul de muzică al școlii. Video-ul a fost trimis la COBIS pentru competiția Eco Film Awards. Câștigătorii vor fi anunțați în Aprilie 2020.

All the percussion instruments that were manufactured with a lot of enthusiasm and creativity by the students were used to accompany their musical creation. With support from their music teacher, Mihai Bizgan, students wrote the lyrics and put together the structure of an original composition called “We protect the nature”. The whole experience concluded with the performance of their creation. We hope you enjoy the result of their work, they definitely enjoyed being a part of it!

The video was sent to COBIS and results of the Eco Film Awards competition will be announced in April 2020.

House games, Feb 2020

The second edition of House Games at the British International School of Timisoara was one of the biggest successes in the school’s early history.

British School of Timisoara selected a lot of students from both the primary and secondary school to represent the sports teams.  Mr. Cosmin, the PE secondary school teacher, and Miss Fabiana, the primary school PE teacher, organized teams for basketball, football, table tennis and badminton. The teams were organized by year groups and by key stages. The students made the teams according to their talent and abilities. The House Games did not just consist of only sports competitions, but also Kahoot with the following topics: Geography, Science and English all hosted by Mr. Jennings and Ms. Kristina, Miss Milica and Mr. Nastase. Ms. Milica told students that it would be really fun if we would organize these Kahoot games, so the teachers tried to find the easiest way to play it online all at the same time in our lunch hall. 

BIST in collaboration with the leaders of each house (Lupus, Ursa and Aquila) will organize new house games after this lockdown for all the sports previously mentioned. The most important thing is that each house will not be represented in the competitions by the most athletic students, but also ones who are trying to learn new sports and participate and created many memorable experiences at school. 

The last games were held on 21st of February, which was also the Romanian Culture Day. The event was quite epic and all the students were very happy and enthusiastic to participate in the challenging but entertaining obstacle course. There were not only sports games, but also some very interesting general knowledge questions about Romanian Culture.

It was very important for both teachers and students because we all got to know each other better and we saw what each of us is capable of. It was a great event that definitely made the BIST community stronger. 

The leaderboard for the House Points are presented here:

 1st  place: Ursa  – 3187 points

 2nd place: Lupus – 3017 points

 3rd place: Aquila – 2380 points

These are not the final scores and there will be more activities from which houses can earn lots of praise points and bring their team to the top.

Concurs de arte vizuale COBIS 2020

Concursul de artă COBIS este o sărbătoare a creativității în școlile membre COBIS. Aceasta este o oportunitate fantastică pentru elevii noștri de a concura la nivel internațional și de a câștiga expunere, deoarece lucrările lor de artă vor fi afișate în întreaga lume. Concursul COBIS Art 2020 a început în octombrie și se încheie vineri, 28 februarie.
Tematica pentru concursul de arte vizuale Cobis 2020 este ‘Acțiunile de azi creează lumea de mâine’.Elevii pot interpreta această temă în orice mod doresc, dar ea trebuie să se reflecte în toate lucrărilor lor artistice.

Elevii se pot încadra în cinci categorii:

  • Clasa pregătitoare
  • Stagiul 1
  • Stagiul 2
  • Stagiul 3
  • Lucrări de grup

Câștigătorii vor fi anunțați pe site-ul COBIS până la începutul lunii aprilie 2020, iar lucrările câștigătoare vor fi publicate și ele pe site-ul COBIS.

Arte creative

Elevii din anul 9 au învățat despre Pop Art în timpul orelor de Arte creative. Aceștia au făcut cunoștință cu viziuni diferite ale acestui curent de artă modernă prin studierea operelor lui Andy Warhol și Roy Lichtenstein dar și prin aplicarea practică. Folosind culori aprinse, acuarele, markere, creioane, linii de contur accentuate și tipare repetitive aceștia au conceput lucrări proprii.

Carol Service , Dec 2019

The Carol service happened on the last day of school before the Christmas holiday, at the Millenium church. This was the first event of its kind that had ever taken place: there was anticipation, nerves and excitement. Every year-group at BIST was prepared to sing their festive song

The celebration started in the morning with designated  students arriving earlier for last minute rehearsals. Before the service, students distributed the programmes to the parents who had arrived early to ensure a good view of the service. By the time we began, the whole church was full of students, staff, parents, grandparents and other family members. It was an incredible sight to see. The Y7, Y8 and Y9 sang together three songs. Between the songs, we had readings, telling the story of the nativity. Our voices filled the cavernous church as we sang a celebration to Christmas but also to the beginning of the life of this new school.

BIST’S 2019 Christmas Shows 

In December 2019, the first Christmas show at the British International School of Timisoara took place.  Children from all the Primary School classes performed in front of their families in a beautifully and seasonally decorated lunch hallFirst, years R, 1 and 2 performed a wonderful show about why we celebrate Christmas. The two children who played Mary și Joseph, the religious characters in the Nativity story, were amazing. The cutest part was that all Key Stage 1 children wore stars. Key Stage 2 also had an amazing show: six children travelled metaphorically to different countries to see how every nation celebrates Christmas. After the theatrical performance, the children were praised with enthusiastic applause which was very well deserved

The 1st of December – a multinational celebration of Romania

On the 1st of December, students from BIST celebrated The National Day of Romania. This celebration was special, not only because it was the first National Day celebrated by BIST, but also because it could be celebrated and enjoyed by all our nationalities in the school.

For this occasion, the students from Primary School presented information about Romanian history and culture. Students from Secondary School attended a presentation about the Great Union: this was held in the school’s atrium. Students from Spain, Great Britain and Poland celebrated Romanian day by making wishes in… Romanian! At the end, all the students participated in a traditional Romanian dance, emphasised by the colours of the students‘ houses: red, yellow and blue.

Everything was joyful and multinational: a superb, uplifting first Romanian National day at BIST.

Concursul Regional de Creație Literară și Plastică ”Clipe de toamnă”

În luna octombrie a anului trecut, 4 dintre elevii British International School of Timișoara, au participat la Concursul Regional de Creație Literară și Plastică ”Clipe de toamnă” organizat de ISJ Timiș, CCD Timiș, Șc. Gimnazială nr.7 ”Sfânta Maria” și Asociația ”Împreună pentru copii”.

În urma unui acord de parteneriat, încheiat între cele două școli, elevii BIST, coordonați de prof. lb. română Adelina Leanca și prof. lb. română Raluca Bembe, au concurat la secțiunea de creație literară. În urma jurizării, aceștia au obținut premii remarcabile, ceea ce ne face să fim mândri de implicarea lor în activități și în afara școlii. Premiile obținute sunt:

Lara - anul 4 – Premiul I

Gloris - anul 4 – Premiul I

Anda - anul 5 – Premiul II

Raul - anul 5 – Premiul III

Ora de fizică

La ora de fizică, elevii din anul 7B au studiat rezistența aerului, una dintre forțele care incentinește lucrurile. Elevii au confecționat parașute din pungi de plastic, iar ca parașutiști au folosit diverse jucării. Aceștia au cântărit masa parașutiștilor folosind un instrument electronic, precum și suprafața parașutei. Au lansat parașutele de la balconul curții interioare și au măsurat cu un cronometru timpul până au ajuns jos. Au observat că rezistența aerului este influențată atât de suprafață precum și de greutate.